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Five Reasons Why Bamboo Products Are Superior

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Over the past few years, sustainability has been a topic gaining popularity. In fact, from new products hitting the shelves including bamboo knife blocks lunch boxes, straws, toothbrushes, steamers and many more, bamboo is everywhere. Of course, that’s something to be excited about! Bamboo is known for its sustainability. Throughout this article, we will be taking a look at five reasons why bamboo products are superior and their benefits to sustainability– all the reasons to choose bamboo products over others!

1. It Can Easily Replace Plastic!

By now, most of us know how terrible plastic is to our environments. From plastic wrappers, bags and straws to microplastics found in just about any kind of liquid product that isn’t marked otherwise, plastic is truly everywhere. Aside from taking hundreds of years to decompose, plastic also ends up destroying environments by being ingested by animals, for example, or polluting streams that are used as water sources. Due to this, reducing one’s plastic consumption is key, and bamboo is an excellent way to do so.

2. Bamboo Grows Faster Than Any Other Plant

Yes, you read that right. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants. It’s able to reach its full size in as little as three or four months, making it a plant that can be grown, cut down, and regrown very quickly. So, using a lot of it doesn’t imply that we’re stealing it from our beloved pandas!

3. Bamboo Is Durable and Sturdy

There is a reason why bamboo is used to create items including tables, beds, and other furniture that requires sturdiness. Bamboo is very strong, making it a great choice of material to build a home, for example. Indeed, bamboo has been increasingly in use as a construction material, a fact that has provided it with its new title, the “new green steel”.

4. Bamboo Is Hygienic

Did you know that bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial and require no toxic chemical treatment to keep it this way? Indeed, bamboo contains a substance called ‘kun’ which is safe and natural. Bamboo kun prevents bacteria buildup and thus makes it a hygienic choice. With this, bamboo is also antimicrobial, hence making it a great material to create items including cutlery or straws.

5. Supporting Bamboo Means Supporting the Planet

Not only does bamboo eliminate the need for plastic, but using bamboo-made items also supports the planet. The more bamboo trees are planted and grown, the more benefits the environment can derive from them. For example, bamboo absorbs up to twice as much carbon dioxide as other kinds of trees, while also producing over 30% more oxygen than other plants and trees. The strong roots found in bamboo trees help the soil become more stable while also restoring the land, thereby reducing the risk of landslides that leave individuals and animals homeless. Of course, bamboo is also a great way to help protect the biodiversity of an environment as it provides it with a home and source of food.

So, are you convinced about the benefits of using bamboo-made products yet? We sure are! Try out your first bamboo item today with our 100%-natural bamboo steamer from Happy Home Story


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